Response: Data science will not save you

This article is a critical response to the Gamasutra blog "Steam has a lack of data scientists." While it is an opinion piece, the article was widely shared and contains a number of contestable statements with regards to Steam's role, Valve's capabilities, and the ability of data science to solve structural issues for game developers. … Continue reading Response: Data science will not save you

The Justified Skepticism of the New Telltale Games

A year after its closure, Telltale Games is back after its assets were purchased by LCG Entertainment. The new company has committed to offering employees of the old Telltale positions at the new company. The gesture is significant given that the original studio's closure was sudden and the staff were dismissed laid off without severance. … Continue reading The Justified Skepticism of the New Telltale Games

Renting Games

The proliferation of subscription services and the announcement of multiple cloud gaming services has produced some curiously alarmist responses. Cloud gaming is a relatively new technology, but gaming subscriptions and comparable payment models predate the internet. With a wide enough perspective, it's hard to see either development as particularly new when applied to gaming. Steam … Continue reading Renting Games

Epic’s Tactics Are The System Working As Intended

The most perplexing feature of the commentary surrounding the Epic Games Store (EGS) is that the loudest voices assign criticism to Epic that is more appropriately targeted at Valve. The criticism that has gotten the most attention is the one that says Epic is using its timed exclusives in order to take over digital distribution, … Continue reading Epic’s Tactics Are The System Working As Intended

Share and Share Dislike

The takes industry works overtime during earnings season and between EA reporting sales for Battlefield V and Activision Blizzard announcing layoffs, there was no shortage of material. Earnings should not generate the kind of hyperventilation they do, since they are a standard measure intended to provide everyone access to the same information at the same … Continue reading Share and Share Dislike